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Welcome to the LoMoLounge!!!! - POSTED: 04/30/07

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Tommy, Anna, Thomas, Oscar, Jack, Jill & Stanley


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  • Aug 13: Thomas is going to be a big brother this winter.
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  • Mar 28 2009: Thomas celebrates his 1st birthday in Walt Disney World.
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  • Apr 28: Thomas turns 1 month old!
  • Mar 28 2008: We are proud to announce the arrival of our son, Thomas Stamford Raffles LoMonaco.
    March 28, 2008 at 8:23pm
    Weight: 8 lbs. 15 oz.
    Length: 20 inches


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Baby Thomas


Our Fairytale Wedding Highlights Video

Test post - POSTED: 07/21/11


Fun in the Sun - POSTED: 08/21/09

The summer is flying by very quickly.  Thomas enjoys his swing and playing in his pools.  Last night he got his new water table and loves it.  Tommy set it up for him late last night and he made such a fuss when it was time to come in last night.  Even with the mosquitoes aatacking him, he wanted to stay out on the deck playing and splashing.

Walking in place - POSTED: 06/19/09

While I was cleaning up the bedroom, Thomas walked over to the treadmill and began to investigate. He seemed intrigued. I was curious to see what he would make of it, when I turned it on. To my incredible surprise, when I turned on the treadmill on the slowest speed, he immediately began walking in pace. It was absolutely hilarious. He loved it. Every time I shut it off, he wanted me to put it back on so he could walk in place. With all of the rain we are having, walking on the treadmill must have seemed like a great alternative since we have not been able to go for our usual walks outside!!!!

Recap - POSTED: 06/19/09

To catch up on events and happenings that have happened recently, here is a quick recap:

Thomas can walk up the stairs on his own now. He started crawling, and quickly got tired of that, so now he holds on to the banister, and walks up the stairs one at a time without any help. He seems quite happy with himself for being able to do this.

He has discovered how to turn on the bath tub, so anytime we are in the bathroom with him, he turns on the water and proceeds to throw anything he can find into the tub.

Thomas has now called emergency services several times. We used to let him have the phone as he enjoys pressing the buttons. That is until the police showed up at the door. A quick check of the called history on the phone proved it. He is no longer allowed access to the phone, but if you get a call from us, and there is no one there, it is likely Thomas calling you from our address book!!!

Blog Updates - POSTED: 06/19/09

When we originally setup the lomolounge up, one of the main reasons was so that we could have a place to post our pictures and to post updates on our family so that friends and family could keep up with us. We have done a good job so far with the pictures (check out our gallery, we think you will agree), but not so good with regular posts on daily or weekly happenings. With Facebook, twitter, and other social networking sites, we have wondered if this was still the best place to post updates. We tried twitter, but with the 140 character limit, it did not seem like the best forum. Facebook is a great place for keeping in touch with others, but we wanted the ability to backup and have total control of the content we post. With that said, we are going to give the daily/weekly posts another shot. In order to keep up with the posts, we will sometimes post little snippets, and others, full discussions on events.  All entries related to or family life will be posted to the LoMoLife category, so you can simply select the LoMoLife category from the categories list at the upper right corner of the blog to see all family related entries.

Thomas: Celebrating his 1st Birthday in Walt Disney World - POSTED: 04/1/09

We can’t believe our little boy is already 1 – where did the time go?  We’ve had an amazing year watching Thomas grow and discover new things around him.  He’s now taking 8-10 steps on his own, drinking milk and babbling up a storm.  He loves to smile, watch the Disney Channel, playing with his toys.  So what better way to celebrate his 1st birthday than to head back to Walt Disney World.

We left Thursday, 3/26, and flew from Westchester airport to Orlando on JetBlue.  The weather in NY was so dreary and cold and after a little turbulence we arrived in Orlando by 10:30pm.  We stayed at the Fairfield Inn near the airport for the first night so we could get Thomas to bed quickly.

Friday, 3/27, we woke up early, grabbed breakfast and made our way to Port Orleans Riverside, one of our favorite resorts in Disney.  There’s nothing like passing through the made entrance to DisneyWorld and no matter how many time we go there, we always take the obligatory photo.  Check in was quick and Thomas got his Happy Birthday pin.  We spent the day at MGM. It was a sunny, warm day with a slight breeze – absolutely perfect!  Thomas had a great time walking around the Honey I Shrunk the Kids set.  Tommy crawled through the tunnels with him and took him on the slide.  We had lunch with Leo and June from Little Einsteins and JoJo and Goliath.  We walked around the park and spent some time on the stoops in Chinatown and San Francisco.  We had a FastPass for Toy Story Mania and Tommy was looking for a rematch since I beat him last time.  This ride is so awesome and Tommy beat me this time around.  Last time I won, Tommy was holding Thomas and this time I was holding him.  🙂  We also did Playhouse Disney, Great Movie Ride, and American Idol Experience (very cool).  We left the park and went back to Port Orleans to relax before heading to a late dinner at Whispering Canyon Cafe.  I’ve been wanting to try this restaurant for a while and we finally made it.  We both had the BBQ skillet and enjoyed it.  The staff were pretty funny playing jokes on the customers.  They surprised us with a mini birthday cake for Thomas’ birthday so we had that for dessert.  After dinner we walked around the Wilderness Lodge, took some pics and did a little shopping.


mgm1 mgm21  mgm31

Saturday, 3/28 – Happy Birthday, Thomas!  We woke up very early and headed to Magic Kingdom for the official opening with the characters.  Thomas was getting tired at this point since he’d been up for a while already. We originally planned to get Thomas’ first haircut on Main Street but his hair has been curly so we opted not to in hopes of keeping those curls around longer.  We had a really nice day at the Magic Kingdom. Thomas especially enjoyed playing in the Hundred Acre Wood. We rode Winnie the Pooh and Dumbo (1st time).  We took some great pictures with the Fairy Godmother.  Thomas celebrated his birthday lunch and indulged in his first cupcake at the Crystal Palace with Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet.  We found a nice spot on Main Street to watch the parade and Thomas was mesmorized by some of the floats.  We headed back to the hotel in the early evening and Thomas was exhausted.  He went to bed early and we watched some Disney movies together.

Sunday, 3/29, Thomas woke up early and we planned to relax at the pool today.  Unfortunately, the weather was chilly and rainy so we headed to Olivia’s at Old Key West for some breakfast.  This was a new place for us and we really enjoyed it.  We had the best waitress, Amy.  We tried the grits (delicious), omelet with special breakfast potatoes (yum) and poached eggs with sweet potato hash (yummy too).  We walked around the resort and then headed to Downtown Disney to do a little shopping.  We got a caricature done of Thomas that came out really cute and bought a few things at World of Disney.  The weather started to clear so we headed back to the hotel and went to the pool.  Thomas loved walking around the pool area near the chairs and picked up every leaf he found.  We took him to the baby pool since the water was a little chilly.  After a little while he really enjoyed it but still focused on picking up every leaf that fell in the pool.  At 4pm we went back to the room and changed for dinner.  We went to Boma at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and really enjoyed it.  We haven’t been there in years and the food was really food.  The coconut curry seafood soup was amazing.  Afterwards we walked around outside to see the animals and then around the lodge inside.  We returned to Port Orleans and took a long walk along the Sassagoula River to French Quarter and then back.   It was so relaxing and nice to get some fresh air while taking in the pretty landscaping.

Monday, 3/30, our last day at Disney.  We decided to spend the day at Animal Kingdom, a new park for Thomas.  We checked out and headed to AK.  It was pretty crowded that day and the weather was sunny and warm.  We decided to get FastPasses for Kilimanjaro Safari and then had some breakfast at Pizzafari.  We saw the new Finding Nemo show and then walked around since Thomas was napping.  We smelled the wonderful aroma of roasted pecans and enjoyed some of those before going on the safari.  Thomas enjoyed the ride and we got to see a lot of animals.  We then headed to Camp Minnie Mickey and took pictures with the characters (Mickey, Goofy, Donald). Then we went to see Pooh, Tigger and Eeyore.  Thomas really liked Pooh this trip and in general likes to grab character’s noses. 🙂 We had a late lunch at Yak and Yeti, the new restaurant in Asia, and enjoyed the dim sum, crispy honey chicken, fried wontons and plum wine.  Tommy walked around with Thomas holding his hand which was so adorable.  We left the park around 5pm and headed to the airport.  Our flight was delayed due to weather but we still made is back to Westchester airport by 10:30pm.

 ak2 ak31 ak4

We had a really enjoyable time celebrating Thomas’ 1st birthday.  I still can’t believe a year has passed. I look forward to all the new experiences in the next year.

Thomas: 1 Month Pediatrician Visit - POSTED: 04/29/08

Thomas had his 1 month visit to the pediatrician today and he did great. He now weighs 10 lbs. 6 oz. and is 22.5 inches. He gained 1 lb. 7 oz. from his birth weight and grew 2.5 inches. He was in the 75th percentile for height (a little tall) and 50th percentile for weight and head circumference. The pediatrician seemed pleased and said to continue doing what we’re doing because it’s working. :o) He goes back in 1 month and will get shots at the next visit.

Thomas: 1 Month Old - POSTED: 04/28/08

Time surely flies by!  Thomas is one month old today and we can’t believe how much he has changed already since he was born at the end of March.  He’s a very good baby and we discover new things about him every day.  He makes so many cute faces and has started to develop a social smile.  We sing to him, read to him and he loves relaxing in his swing (thanks Diana!).

Sweet Pea: Guess Baby L’s Stats - POSTED: 03/25/08


We have a few winners since no one guessed all the stats.

Date: 03/28/08 –> Lucy

Weight: 8 lbs. 15 oz. –> Carol (aka Vanessa)

Length: 20 inches –> John, Uncle Anthony, Uncle Bobby, Nicole S. and Grandpa Joe


So during the shower on Saturday, we asked our guests to give us their best guess at baby L’s stats.  Here’s a compilation of the guesses.  The person that gets closest to the real stats will be named winner so check back for updates.

Boy = 42%  / Girl = 58%

Submitted by

Gender Date of birth Weight Length
Geneva Girl 03/05/08 8 lbs 2 oz Undecided
David Boy 03/09/08 8 lbs 10 oz 3 meters
Melissa Girl 03/10/08 7 lbs 8 oz Undecided
Melissa (Michael’s Mommy) Boy 03/10/08 – 03/16/08 8 lbs 5 oz Undecided
Great Grandma Theresa Girl 03/15/08 8 lbs 5 oz 19 in
Kelly Girl 03/16/08 8 lbs 7 oz 19 in
Helen Boy 03/16/08 8 lbs 9 oz 21 in
Mary G. Girl 03/17/08 7 lbs 10 oz 21 in
Jennifer Girl 03/17/08 8 lbs 1 oz 21 in
Faith Boy 03/17/08 8 lbs 3 oz 21 in
Norm Boy 03/17/08 8 lbs 4 oz 23 in
Steve & Martina Girl 03/18/08 @ 2:00am 7 lbs 2 oz 21 in
John Boy 03/18/08 7 lbs 5 oz 20 in
Grandpa Milano Girl 03/18/08 7 lbs 6 oz 18.6 in
Eric & Lauren Girl 03/18/08 7 lbs 9 oz 21 in
Anna (Mommy-to-be) Boy 03/19/08 8 lbs 1 oz 21.5 in
Fabi Girl 03/20/08 7 lbs 10 oz 19 in
Tommy Smith Boy 03/20/08 @ 4:01pm 8 lbs 1 oz 23.125 in
Uncle Anthony Boy 03/20/08 8 lbs 4 oz 20 in
Mike Girl 03/21/08 7 lbs 9 oz 18 in
Uncle Bobby Boy 03/21/08 8 lbs 20 in
Tommy (Daddy-to-be) Girl 03/21/08 8 lbs 4 oz 20.3 in
Grandma Gayle Girl 03/23/08 7 lbs 9 oz 21 in
Linda Girl 03/24/08 7 lbs 12 oz 21 in
Nicole W. Boy 03/24/08 7 lbs 14 oz 21 in
Vicky Girl 03/24/08 8 lbs 2 oz 22 in
Lori Girl 03/25/08 7 lbs 11 oz 21 in
Chrissy Girl 03/25/08 8 lbs 4 oz 19.2 in
Monica Boy 03/25/08 8 lbs 7 oz 21 in
Peter Boy 03/26/08 6 lbs 9 oz 19.5 in
Chris & Tracey Girl 03/26/08 7 lbs 2 oz 19.5 in
Luke Girl 03/26/08 7 lbs 6 oz 19 in
Roseann Boy 03/26/08 7 lbs 11 oz 22.5 in
Kelly W. Undecided 03/27/08 8 lbs 2 oz Undecided
Anne Marie Boy 03/27/08 8 lbs 2 oz 22 in
Rebecca Girl 03/27/08 8 lbs 3 oz 19 in
Nicole S. Boy 03/27/08 8 lbs 7 oz 20 in
Fran Girl 03/27/08 (evening) Undecided Undecided
Lucy Girl 03/28/08 8 lbs 10 oz 22 in
Carol (aka Vanessa) Girl 03/29/08 9 lbs 19 in
Carol Q Girl 03/31/08 7 lbs 11 oz 21 in
Claire Girl 04/01/08 7 lbs 21 in
Grandpa Joe Boy 04/01/08 8 lbs 4 oz 20 in
Allison Boy Undecided 7-8 lbs Undecided

Sweet Pea: 40 Weeks - POSTED: 03/25/08

We’re still waiting for our Sweet Pea to arrive!

The last week has been crazy for us.  We had multiple doctor’s appts and tests and even a visit to the hospital. Basically the baby is estimated at 9 lbs today, give or take 10%.  My new doctor has been talking induction (and c-section) since I first met with her in mid-March. We passed our due date on March 23 and spent Easter at home.

We went in yesterday for a non-stress test (NST) which showed the baby was doing well but I’m not having any contractions. My BP was elevated when I arrived at the doctor’s office yesterday and I gained 4 pounds since Thursday so the doctor was concerned about pre-eclampsia and sent me over to the hospital for additional monitoring.  She also pushed for me to be induced last night.  After a meltdown in the office and in the car, we made it to the hospital, went through registration and then up to the 3rd floor.  A wonderful nurse, Maryann, set us up in LDR #1 and I changed into a gown.  She strapped on the monitor and blood pressure cuff and Tommy and I just hung out while my results were being recorded.  My first BP reading was normal and the second one was optimal so that concern went away.  The baby’s activity was steady and normal so the on call doctor came in and said we could head home, no need to rush an induction that evening.  After talking to the doctor and nurse and getting their opinions, they penciled me in for induction on Thursday evening.  We took the last available slot. 

Today we had an appt with the perinatologist to do a biophysical ultrasound.  We had the same sonographer as last week and the peri confirmed the heart, breathing, amniotic fluid, placenta, etc all looked great.  We then discussed inductions, c-sections, etc with the peri to get his opinions and he encouraged us to have it done by 41 weeks as the risk of a c-section increases after your due date (40 weeks). So Sweet Pea will either arrive naturally in the next 2 days or we’ll be induced on Thursday night.

I’m not a fan of inductions but I really would like to have a vaginal delivery.  The baby is gaining 1/2 pound each week at this point and the larger the baby and further along we get, the lower chance I have so we’ll see what happens the next few days and take it from there.

There are so many old wives tales about bring on labor.. The latest ones I’ve heard are eating fresh pineapples and mac and cheese with A1 steak sauce. Guess what we’re having for dinner? LOL!  We’ll post an update soon. Thanks for all your good thoughts and prayers.

Sweet Pea: 39 Weeks - POSTED: 03/16/08

Anna at 39 weeks 1 day

This might sound funny (or bizarre), but I bought a doll last week per Tommy’s request. She is a little smaller than a newborn but Tommy wants to test out the positioning of the straps for the car seat. He’s so cute! He already told me he’s probably going to drive home from the hospital with the hazards on. Last night we took the doll out of the box and Oscar and Stanley were very intrigued. Tommy held the doll like a baby and sat on the couch and the dogs were trying to get to the doll but we started disciplining them in anticipation of the real baby’s arrival. They were pretty good after a little while. Then when we went to bed last night, we put the doll in the pack and play next to our bed and they were curious again but did not attempt to jump in which is good. This morning I took the doll out of the pack and play and they were curious again. We’re hoping this will get them into baby mode.

Last night we went to Petsmart, Lowes and Walmart to get a few things. We stopped at Outback (at my request :o)) for dinner and this time I barely fit in the booth. We also got another gift from our friends. The tub stool, pacifiers, mittens, outlet plugs, Pooh wipes case, snack cups and Pooh hooded towels. Sweet Pea is so well stocked at this point!

Today was Palm Sunday and we spent the day in Staten Island with Tommy’s family.  We had a delicious dinner and played some cards which was so fun!

Other than that, I feel good. I get tired quicker, the stairs and getting in and out of bed are both an effort. The swelling continues as does the tingling/burning in my arms/hands, but I can deal with it just fine. We’re so close, it’s incredible.

Sweet Pea: 38 Weeks - POSTED: 03/13/08

Anna at 38 weeks 4 days

I had my 38 week appt with the new doctor since my doctor had her baby last Friday night/Saturday morning. She was very nice, has two children and made me a bit sad.  I wish my regular doctor was still working.

I gained 4 pounds this past week which she wasn’t too alarmed about since last week I gained only 1 pound. She asked how I was feeling in general, anything I wanted to bring to her attention which led me to believe she didn’t read my file because I would have thought she would have inquired about my swelling and arm/hand issue. So I tell her about those and she looked at my feet, ankles and legs and was a little shocked just how swollen they are. I told her it’s been going on since mid-Dec and got worse in January. I mentioned the hands/arm issue and she said maybe I should see a neurologist but then said the pain should go away after birth. Then she said, wow, you sure you are 38 weeks and change.. you’re carrying SO high. I said, 38 weeks and 5 days, and I’ve been carrying high all along but the baby is positioned head down. She was very quick to say she doubted it which annoyed me. I told her I had the other doctor check every week how the baby was positioned and each week, we confirmed head down and the bump I feel moving up top is the baby’s butt.

She proceeded to do an ultrasound and she shocked herself and confirmed the baby is head down as I mentioned. She said the heartbeat was nice and strong, ribs looked good, etc. She expressed immediate concern that the butt seemed quite big which leads her to believe the baby is large at this point – well into the 8 pound range – and she’s concerned about waiting until my due date or later to go into labor naturally because the baby will be very large. My preference (and I know things can change so I have an open mind in case of emergency/safety for the baby) is to go naturally and have a vaginal delivery, if possible. I’m even skeptical about pain mgmt. I know it’s easier said when you’re not in the actual situation but those are my feelings going into this experience. So I was taken aback when “induction” and “c-section” started flying out of her mouth.

She requested I go to the perinatologist who did our 20 week anatomy screening. I have an appt with him on Wednesday morning to get a fetal weight estimate and then I go back to the new doctor on Thursday to discuss next steps. At that point, I will be 3 days from my due date. So we’ll see what the weight estmate is. I’m wondering if my stomach looks bigger due to excessive fluid retention. Who knows!

She also mentioned my blood pressure was better than hers and thought it would not be so good at this point, with the extra weight, bad swelling, arm/hand issue… but it is. And my urine was clean which is good. She seemed shocked that the baby didn’t drop yet. From talking to a number of people, everyone has different experiences and it can happen at any time.

Then she did an internal exam and she was not gentle like my regular doctor. My other doctor was able to feel the baby’s head and estimate 1 cm dialted very gently and easily. This doctor was digging for treasure and said I’m still 1cm dilated and she didn’t see labor coming anytime soon. :o(

Again, she was nice, we had some laughs about wide hips and easier childbirth (NOT!).. but when I left there I felt sad and worried. After my appt on Wednesday, I’ll have a better feel for what to expect when I see her again on Thursday.

Tommy couldn’t come with me and felt bad when I called him afterwards and told him how I felt. But then he also tells me, “If I was the baby and you were feeding me pizza, calzones, and rice pudding, I wouldn’t want to come out either”. Gee thanks. LOL!

So it wasn’t a horrible appt, but usually I leave the doctor’s office very excited.

Sweet Pea: 37 Weeks - POSTED: 03/4/08

Anna at 37 weeks 3 days 

Tommy was able to come to the doctor with me today so he drove which allowed me to rest during the ride over. We stopped to get breakfast so we were a few miunutes late. They took us right in which was great. Since I had a late breakfast, the nurse saw it in my urine but wasn’t concerned when I told her I ate on the way.  My urine sample checked out fine, blood pressure was very good and I gained 1 pound. My doctor did the pelvic exam today, luckily she was VERY gentle, and said I’m 1 cm dilated. She said she could feel the baby’s head and things were progressing on schedule. She measured my stomach and felt for the baby. The baby is still head down and I measured right on. We also listened to the heartbeat and it was very good. So overall a good visit. My feet are very swollen and my hands and arms are tingling as they’ve been the last few weeks. Just need to wait that part out.

My next appt is Tuesday, March 11.  Hopefully my doctor won’t have her baby before then, otherwise I will see the other doctor on Thursday, March 13.

One of my DMer friends, sent me 2 gifts and the second one arrived today.  Thanks Geneva, Sweet Pea will love them!

We were able to mark a few more things off our remaining TO DO list.

  • Infant car seat has been installed
  • Both strollers are ready for use
  • Swing is set up

We’re going to call the local Police station tomorrow to set up an appt to have the car seat inspected.  We need to finish packing the hospital bag; only a few more items left to pack. I order the Medela pump today from work and expect it to arrive by end of week.  We saved $155 on it.

Sweet Pea: 36 Weeks - POSTED: 02/25/08

Anna at 36 weeks 3 days 

My feet are up and the latest development is the numbness and tingling pain from my fingers to my shoulders. It starts in middle of the night and then I can’t sleep. It feels like bad frostbite, a very weird feeling. Sunday I felt this all day. I called the doctor and she said it’s part of this stage in the pregnancy and as long as my blood pressure is not elevated, there is no harm to the baby. Last night was horrible in terms of sleep. I woke up in so much pain with the tingling numbness and couldn’t sleep. Then heartburn set in when I tried to position myself to try to get some sleep. Not a good night.

I went to the doctor this morning and the appt went well. We discussed the new problem and she said I just need to wait it out. I still can’t fully feel my fingers. It’s like carpal tunnel and is due to the fluid retention in my arms and hands which puts pressure on the nerve running from my shoulder to my fingertips.  I’ve spoken to a few people and they experienced this towards the end of their pregnancy so it’s not unheard of.  It is very scary though, feels like I’m losing my sense of touch and it will never come back.

I did the group B strep test today and will hear back on the results soon. The baby is still head down which is great and my belly measured 36 cm. I submitted my papers for short term disability so the practice will take care of that and send me a copy for my records. Other than that, I waddled out of there and came home. I’ll work from home today. Tomorrow I have to go in for my last team mtg in person and a big organization meeting. My feet will be huge tomorrow night so I plan to stay home the rest of  the week.

Sweet Pea: Shower at the LoMoLounge - POSTED: 02/23/08

We had an amazing day today. We were up very late the prior nights trying to complete the home projects and while we didn’t finish all of them, we were thrilled the weather worked out after getting 10 inches of snow.  We were able to celebrate Sweet Pea’s shower!!! Only 2 people were not able to make it which was a great turnout. Some folks had to leave early but overall we had 35 adults + 1 infant – and had a wonderful time! 

My brother and his girlfriend arrived early and helped decorate upstairs and downstairs. His girlfriend started cooking while I jumped in the shower and Tommy ran out to get a few last items. In the meantime, John and Jennifer (my Disney friends) arrived and did an amazing job helping to unload the items Tommy bought and set up food in the kitchen – We can’t thank them enough!!!!!

Guests started to arrived promptly at 1pm and hung out both upstairs and downstairs. The time went by so quickly but it was such a good time. We can’t wait to have another get-together and invite folks back. My brother’s girlfriend and Tommy cooked the food, put it out on sternos and I chatted up a storm with the guests as they arrived.

Vicky and Norm arrived (yippie!) and it’s always fun introducing my “Internet” friends. Most of my friends have heard about DMers but I think they really believe me now after meeting John, Jennifer, Vicky and Norm in person. 

Nursery pictures have been posted in the Photo Gallery as well as the LoMoLounge Baby shower pictures.

A few people mentioned the nursery felt very peaceful and we’re very happy with the way it turned out. We’re still waiting on the double dresser which is due to arrive within the next 4 weeks and will go on the wall under the 5 lithos.

I passed out Game # 1 – “Guess Baby LoMonaco’s Stats” which was basically gathering guesses about the baby’s date of birth, weight, length and sex. We ended up with 24 submissions: 14 predict girl, 10 predict boy and the majority of folks think the baby will be over 8 lbs if I remember correctly. I’m going to post the stats in a separate blog entry and then we’ll see who was closest when the baby arrives.

After everyone ate and visited the nursery, we gathered everyone downstairs (probably a fire hazard with so many people in one space) and started our games. Tommy and I love games, so a party for us would not be complete if we didn’t play them. Game #2 was the “Dirty Diapers” game. My friend, Diana, helped me prep the game. We had 3 diapers filled with different chocolate bars/flavors and our guests had to guess what was in the diaper. They were allowed to touch, sniff, taste lol… No one was able to guess all 3 but we had lots of folks guess 2 correctly so Diana prepared a bonus diaper and we got a winner.

Game #3 was “In the Mood for Baby Food?”. We passed around 10 sample cups of baby food and guests had to guess what they were. Again, they could taste, touch, sniff, etc. The first few were easy, but then they got tricky… we did some combo meals like macaroni, beef and veggie dinner – yuck!  I think everyone had a good time with these as gross as they were. The winners got 6 correct. We put out some prizes and the winners picked from the selection.

Then we put out some desserts (some folks were leaving and we were behind schedule)… we didn’t get to put out the cake because people wanted us to get to the presents so we started Game #4 – Baby LoMonaco Bingo. Everyone got a blank Bingo card and a sheet with items we registered for to fill in the card. Then the unveiling of the presents started!!! We got so many wonderful gifts; we are truly blessed. Sweet Pea will be well dressed, pampered, etc. We even got an authentic WDW Pooh onesie hot off the press from John and Jennifer.  We had one bingo winner for a straight line but unfortunately no one got the X or covered the card. 

Afterwards folks headed out and a few stayed back and we headed upstairs to enjoy the ice cream cake and chocolates a friend made. We had a nice time chit chatting with the smaller group. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

By the end of the night, my feet were BALLOONS! I bought a cheap pair of black shoes at Walmart to wear with my outfit and my feet were busting out of them. I still have my feet up and the latest development is the numbness and tingling pain from my fingers to my shoulders. It starts in middle of the night and then I can’t sleep. It feels like bad frostbite, a very weird feeling.

Getting closer… less than 30 days.

Sweet Pea: 34 Weeks - POSTED: 02/15/08

Anna at 34 weeks 3 days 

Today I had my 34 week appt and the doctor checked out my swelling and requested another blood panel just to play it safe. My blood pressure and urine were fine so no worries there. I’ll call next week for the blood work results. My belly measured right on target and the heartbeat was strong. She checked the position of the baby and Sweet Pea is head down – WOOHOO! I was thrilled to hear that and the firm bump I feel frequently is the baby’s butt.

 My next appt is Friday, February 22.

Sweet Pea: More shopping - POSTED: 02/14/08

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Tonight we made it to BabiesRUs and did pretty well. We bought a mattress, Pooh curtains, Pooh hamper, more wall stickers and a Shermag glider. We used 2 gift cards and some coupons so the total wasn’t too scary.

Afterwards we went to dinner at Outback before they closed so it was nice and quiet. They didn’t rush us and we got home around 11:30pm.

We set up the bed and hamper when we got home and they look really cute. We still need to set up the glider and finish putting up the new stickers we bought. The tension rod I bought at Target was missing a piece so I have to exchange it, then we can hang the curtains and take pics of the nursery – WOOHOO!

Sweet Pea: Anna’s Shower at Work - POSTED: 02/12/08

What a wonderful day!!!

Today was my baby shower at work and my good friends did an amazing job putting it together. The shower was at 2pm in a conference room and after wrapping up a meeting which ran over about 15 mins, my friend Anne Marie brought me to the conference room where everyone was waiting with a huge cake, cookie platters and a pile of presents. I must have turned pink, then red, then purple.

Unfortunately I only have a picture of the cake, which was gorgeous, but I did take pics of the cards and presents when I got home. They had a large carrot sheet cake which was delicious. I opened the cards which had so many kind words and then my other friend Lucy had me move on to the presents. I felt bad keeping people there because the weather started to get bad. It started snowing soon after lunch and it was picking up but they stayed while I opened the gifts and we had some good laughs and chit chat.

So Sweet Pea made out like a bandit. We got a Boppy pillow with the Sweet Pea covering, Diaper Genie and refill, Tigger robe and booties, Medela bottles, an extra car seat base and a plush bear holding a gift card for nearly $200. Susan on my team, had a baby boy in October last year and she gave me a special present for Tommy with a sign on it, “Exclusively for the Proud Papa” so I saved that one for Tommy to open when I got home. It was a package of Pampers Swaddlers in size 1 which will surely come in handy. I also got another gift from my close friend Diana which was the Everything series for Mother’s First Year and there was one other mystery gift on my desk. I opened it when I got home and Tommy and I were floored. It was from Peter, a guy on my team, the same one that gave us the exersaucer and baby clothes. He gave us a cute card and the present was a digital picture frame. He’s so sweet.

After the shower, my friends helped me pack up and carry everything to my car and we all headed home since the snow was really coming down and accumulating. Tommy and I plan to go to Babies R Us later this week or over weekend to get the mattress, glider and curtains with the gift card.

Sweet Pea: 32 Weeks - POSTED: 02/1/08

Anna at 32 weeks 3 days

I drove to my doctor’s appt today in the nasty weather we’re having.  It was an ice skating rink outside.  The visit was quick.  Blood pressure, weight, urine, etc.  Everything checked out fine.  I’m still retaining a lot of water but the doctor isn’t concerned as long as I continue to work from home the majority of the week with my feet propped up.  Since I went ito the office this morning for a meeting and wore dress shoes, my feet we already bulging at the doctor’s appt. She measured my belly and it was right on – 32 centimeters. And then she treated me to a quick ultrasound.  She was curious how the baby was positioned, how the fluid was doing, placenta, etc. and we listened to the heartbeat.  Everything checked out really well so I was a happy camper. I go back in 2 weeks for my next appt.

This afternoon the crib was delivered from Buy Buy Baby and we assembled it later in the day.  It was easy to put together and it looks fabulous.  We’re very happy we decided to go with the darker wood (cherry).  Now we’re waiting for the dresser to come in (hopefully before the baby arrives) and we have to find a glider we like.  We also need to pick up a mattress for the crib.  Babies R Us is having a sale starting Monday and we have a bunch of coupons we plan to use.

Sweet Pea: 31 Weeks - POSTED: 01/25/08

Anna at 31 weeks 3 days

Today I had my follow up with the doctor after last week’s swelling incident. My feet were better today and the appt was quick.  Blood pressure and urine checked out just fine. I lost 2 pounds but my doctor still feels I’m retaining a lot of fluid so we’ll continue to keep an eye on it.  I measured 31 centimeters which is right on target – that whole calculation amazes me. We listened to the heartbeat and it was nice and strong so the visit was good. I go back next Friday for my 32 week appt.

Sweet Pea: Update - POSTED: 01/17/08

Luckily, the pain was faint the following morning and eventually went away so now I’m just dealing with the swelling.  I spoke to the doctor on Thursday afternoon and she confirmed the bloodwork came back clean so she wants me to keep my feet up and follow up with her next Thursday morning.

Sweet Pea: 30 Weeks - POSTED: 01/15/08

We had our doctor’s appt today and the doctor is concerned about the swelling in my feet and ankles since it really hasn’t gone down since mid-December. Over the weekend I relaxed quite a bit and my feet still got worse. I also gained 14 pounds in 2 weeks which is nearly all fluid and therefore alarming my doctor. I did extra bloodwork yesterday to see if something else is brewing. My blood pressure has been normal the whole pregnancy, no protein in my urine and she double checked my lab results from the glucose test and everything was optimal so she’s perplexed. I should hear back on the bloodwork tomorrow or Friday. She also asked me to work from home or take off if possible and just relax so I’m working from home the rest of this week with my feet up. Also, I am supposed to be seeing my doctor every 2 weeks now, but she wants to see me weekly until the swelling issue is resolved.

Forgot to mention… I also had some weird reaction to my bland lunch today. I’ve been watching my sodium intake due to the water retention and had rice, steamed string beans and a apple for lunch. Something didn’t agree with me or didn’t go down right, because I had this incredible pain the rest of the day in my throat to breastbone area. I was miserable. Luckily after some ginger ale, Tums and toast tonight, I was able to fall asleep and not deal with the pain anymore. I did call the doctor and she thought it was just acid collecting, maybe the baby repositioning, etc. 

Other than that, things are moving along. I hope this swelling goes away finally and I don’t have any issues.

We picked out a crib! - POSTED: 01/5/08

After much searching, we found a crib we both really like at Buy Buy Baby.  It’s the Bella convertible crib from Mother Hubbard Cupboard and we like the Fireside Cherry finish.  It’s very elegant and matches the other style of furniture we have at home. The crib is in stock but we’ll wait to have it delivered until the nursery is ready so we don’t have to store it.  We also ordered a double dresser and conversion kit for the crib.  That’s expected to come in 8-12 weeks so it might not arrive until after the baby is here if Sweet Pea arrives early.  We’re just very happy we made a decision and we both love the baby’s furniture.

Sweet Pea: 28 Weeks - POSTED: 12/31/07

Today was my 28 week appt and they checked the usual. All went well. Then I had my glucose test. I had to drink one cup of nearly flat cola. It was like drinking flat regular Coke which isn’t my thing but very doable. I thought it was going to be much worse. Now I wait for the results. I think they said they would let me know by Wednesday so fingers crossed that the results are acceptable and I don’t have to go back for the 3 hour test. They also gave me the Rhogam shot since I am AB-. I got the shot in my butt and it pinched. Not too much soreness yet. My belly measured right on target – 28 centimeters – and the heartbeat was nice and strong.  I also scheduled my next few appointments which go to 2 weeks now.  Time is flying by! So I am booked through the end of February and then I go every week. We got the forms to register with the hospital and to sign up for the birthing, new parents and lactation classes in January and February.

Great deal on wipes - POSTED: 12/19/07

I got a great deal on wipes at Target tonight. A tub of Huggies wipes for .89 compared to 2.39 regularly.  So far we have 12 tubs of wipes. I’m going to head back for more and also check out lotion and diapers since the coupons can be used on all Huggies products. 

Still Shopping for Cribs - POSTED: 12/15/07

Today we headed to the new USA Baby that opened in Brookfield CT (Thanks Tracey) to check out their cribs since they carry other lines we have not seen yet in person.  The store is nice and has a bunch of cribs from Sorelle, Munire and Young America but nothing really jumped out at me and the sales staff was totally hovering which we found annoying.  Also, the wait time is about 12 weeks which is too long for us so we’re going to check out Buy Buy Baby on Central Ave and then head back to Babies R Us in Nanuet and make a decision very soon.

Sweet Pea: 24 Weeks - POSTED: 12/5/07

I had my 24 week appt this afternoon. It was a quick checkup – urine, blood pressure, weight – and then my doctor came in and we just chatted for a bit. I got back on 12/31 for my glucose test and rhogam shot but so far everything is going really well. I gained quite a bit overall and the doctor joked that the recent cruise and Disney trip didn’t help, but as long as I pace myself for the remaining weeks, she isn’t concerned since things are going well. We listened to the heartbeat which was strong and steady and she measured my belly today for the first time and said everything is right on target.

I also found out that my doctor is expecting and is actually due a week BEFORE me.  She’s not showing and I was a bit shocked. There was a slim chance I would get her for delivery as the on call doctor in the practice does deliveries but now it’s almost definite she won’t deliver me since she will likely have her baby before me. I’m not really that freaked out since I wasn’t counting on her delivering. When I told Tommy (he couldn’t make today’s appt), he was concerned we should switch to another doctor in the practice. I suppose we’ll talk about it with the doctor when we go back for my 28 week appt.

Working on the nursery - POSTED: 12/2/07

We woke up to snow this morning and it proceeded to snow throughout the day. We finally started working on the nursery. This room used to be our office but once we remodeled our basement, we moved the office down there so this has been a spare room for over a year.  We emptied the entire room, took out the closet shelving, ripped off the molding, removed the closet doors and then Tommy sanded and patched the holes around the room. Next he’ll sand again and patch a second coat if needed and then we can prime the walls. We will search for closet organizers. I saw some cool stuff online at the Container Store. Then we have to pick up molding, flooring, paint, and outlet covers. Then we’ll move on to furniture. Lots to do!

From the Mouse’s House to Ours - POSTED: 11/27/07

Today was the last day of our annual November vacation.  We both agreed we had a wonderful time but we were okay with heading home.  We missed the dogs and looked forward to getting ready for Christmas and preparing for Sweet Pea’s arrival.

We slept today and decided not to head to EPCOT since my ankles were pretty swollen after being on my feet all day yesterday at MGM.  We got ready, packed, etc and then checked out around 12noon.  We got some drinks at the food court and took some pictures and then headed to the Beach Club to check out the holiday displays at the EPCOT resort and grab a bite.  We wanted to try something new and ended up at the Yacht Club Galley.  We had buffalo chicken strips (very tasty) and seafood chowder (good) for appetizers and I had the reuben sandwich (excellent) while Tommy had the shrimp and crab cake sandwich (very good). We took pictures of the holiday displays at the Beach Club, Yacht Club and Boardwalk resorts.  We walso walked around Crescent Lake and reminisced about our wedding. 

We then headed to the Grand Floridian to see the holiday displays there.  We parked at the Wedding Pavilion (sigh) and then walked over to see the awesome gingerbread house and huge tree in the lobby of the GF.  We love Christmas and this totally put us in the mood. They gave out samples of the gingerbread cookies so of course we had some and it was pretty good. One final photo of the grand staircase (more memories) on our way back to the car. We ended our Disney trip at the POR food court with some ice cream and a magic cookie (we discovered these on this trip). 

We left early for the airport while the skies were getting dark. We checked our bags, visited Earport and then went to the gate.  Our flight was on time and we left at 7:10pm.  We arrive a little early into Newburgh and my Dad picked us up.  25 minutes later we were home and the dogs were so excited to see us.  It was nice to be home and finally put my legs up so the swelling could go down.  Tomorrow was back to work for both of us though I got to work from home and stay with the dogs.

Another wonderful and memorable November vacation.  We’re already talking about where we will go next year with Sweet Pea.  Perhaps a big family vacation. We’ll see!

New Experiences at MGM Studios - POSTED: 11/26/07

We decided to spend the day at MGM. We woke up a decent time, had breakfast at the food court at French Quarter (bacon, egg and cheese croissants, a side of biscuits and gravy, chocolate milk and water) and then headed to MGM.  We both agreed while POFQ is nice, we LOVE Port Orleans Riverside.  It is by far our favorite moderate resort at Disney.  Even though POFQ is a sister resort, it had a different feel for us.  We love Alligator Bayou and the scenic and romantic walk to the food court there.  We also like the theming of the main building at POR better along with the food court and marina. Another Disney resort checked off our list, a few more to go.

When we got to MGM we watched the end of an act as soon as we walked in.  Then we walked a portion of the High School Musical 2 show which was very popular.  We then headed to one of my favorite rides: The Great Movie Ride.  I just love this ride! Next up was pictures with Playhouse Disney characters June, Quincy, Jojo and Goliath.  We just missed Manny the Handyman. Then we headed to the Animation of Disney which we’ve only done in California Adventure and snagged some pictures with Frozone from the Incredibles and Remy and Emilie from Ratatouille which we were very excited to get.  They were so cute and friendly and played along with us.  Then we did the Which Disney Character Are You game and Tommy got the same one as last time, Aladdin, and this time I got the Queen of Hearts!  I think I got her because I said I liked to eat nice people for lunch rather than eat lunch with nice people. LOL!

Next we headed to the Narnia walkthrough attraction which was new for us and saw the coming attraction for the next book in the series.  Very cool since we are Narnia fans and have the books at home. We then headed for our lunch at Hollywood Brown Derby which was also new for us.  I had the Famous Brown Derby Cobb Salad and Tommy had the Noodle Bowl.  We both had Arnie Palmers which are iced tea and lemonade mixed.  We both enjoyed our meals and the warm bread rolls too.  For dessert we split the Grapefruit cake which I loved and Tommy thought was so-so. Overall thumbs up and glad we tried it!

Next we went to Sounds Dangerous and then found a spot for the Stars and Motor Cars parade.  We enjoyed it and then headed to Muppets 3D. Next up we hung our on the Streets of America waiting for Cars to show up for the Meet and Greet.  The line was closed off already for pictures but we got to see them pull up and it was very cute.  We then headed to the Voyage of the Little Mermaid, one of our favorites.  So cute and fun!  Then we raced over for the last show of Indiana Jones Stunt spectacular (always enjoyable) and then made our way to the Osbourne Spectacle of Lights – another 1st for us.  We got there right before the lighting and it was truly amazing – so cool!  We took a lot of pictures and watched the animated show with music. 

We headed to Fantasmic since we didn’t see this show in a while.  We got decent seats on the left side of the amphitheater and enjoyed it. Then we headed back to Osbourne Lights for more pictures and the snow. We hung out there for a while, past park closing and then stopped at the bookstore near Sci Fi Dine In restaurant.  We were lucky today because we found the storybook Tommy was searching for in Downtown Disney – woohoo!  We bought it and then walked around the shops on our way out.  I bought a red sparkly Mickey shirt which I’ll wear after the baby. We headed back to the car about 9:30pm and drove to POR for dinner at the food court.  We considered Boatwrights but nothing jumped out at me so we got a cheeseburger with fries and a chicken and fish basket.  We noticed the menu changed at POR.  There was a yummy dish we used to get which was somewhat southern and they no longer have it.  Afterwards we drove back to our room at POFQ and relaxed. 

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